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Our Mission
      We believe Bitcoin is an incredible monetary technology that allows those who adopt it to achieve financial sovereignty. However, many Bitcoin investors do not have the best operational security practices and do not profit from advantages of autonomy, confidentiality and security.
      You, as a Bitcoin holder, are in the best position to custody your digital gold. Veriphi aims to facilitate your transition to an optimized, autonomous use and preservation of Bitcoin.
Our Team
Tristan Borges Solari
Operations & Finance
Gustavo Flores Echaiz
Product & Research
Maciej Cepnik
Marketing & Sales
René Vergé
Legal, Cybersecurity & Privacy
Nathaniel Kitzke
Engineering & UX
Our History

Three of our co-founders, Maciej, Gustavo and Tristan, met during their academic life. Their deep friendship and shared trust quickly turned into a mutual passion for entrepreneurship. Entering the world of Bitcoin in 2015 through investing and mining, they didn’t realize at that time, how Bitcoin and Bitcoiners would transform their lives.

Their journey led them to the founding of Veriphi on January 3, 2019, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin and the celebration organized for the occasion by the Bitcoin Montreal Meetup Group.

It is also at that reunion and thanks to the support of Francis Pouliot, a crucial Bitcoin player and CEO of Bull Bitcoin, that they presented their vision and passion for this new monetary system.

Shortly after, René Vergé, a cybersecurity expert for 30 years, joined Veriphi as a partner to actively contribute to the recognition of the company and the development of its solutions.

This was followed by months in which we deepened our knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol and related technologies. We also took on the role of co-organizers of the Bitcoin Montreal Meetup Group where the team had the chance to meet and later integrate their fifth partner, Nathaniel Kitzke. Also a fervent believer in Bitcoin, he undertakes the role of software engineering and user experience development.

It was by working and conversing directly with Bitcoiners like you that we began to better understand the concerns and challenges that Bitcoin users are constantly facing.

Our range of services has been built by Bitcoiners and FOR Bitcoiners as a direct response to the need of reaching complete security and sovereignty, when using Bitcoin.

Find out how we could help to respond to your specific needs.

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