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Let us guide you in your Bitcoin Journey!
Our team has extensive knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol and experience with private investors and companies. We can rapidly fulfill your needs for your operational security, application development, Bitcoin custody, and liquidity.
Bitcoin Security Services
Veriphi offers advanced Bitcoin Cold-Storage Security Solution services for private investors and companies.
We want Bitcoin hodlers to benefit from all the advantages of Self-Custody such as enhanced privacy, sovereignty, and optimized security.
We care about your personal situation and will construct a solution tailor to your operational security needs. Your Bitcoin deserves its own digital fortress!
Rest easy at night knowing all your bases are covered:
Responsible and Secure Key Management
Be protected from theft, hacks, and loss by leveraging advanced cryptographic, software and hardware tools to construct your Bitcoin Cold Storage Solution. We guide you through the whole process to ensure it will withstand all forms of Bitcoin Adversaries.
Privacy Protection
Your confidentiality and privacy will now be in your control. Use your own Bitcoin full node to access the Bitcoin Network through Tor without the need for a third party. Leverage obfuscation techniques to keep your funds confidential and out of sight from malicious eyes.
Inheritance Planning
Make sure your Bitcoin falls into the right hands in the advent of incapacitation or death. Your inheritance plan will be tailored to your personal situation. Don’t take your bitcoins to your grave.
Discover which one is the best for you by booking a free introductory conversation with one of our security experts
Bitcoin for Business
The Bitcoin ecosystem is prospering and there are many opportunities to seize. Whether you’re a private investor, an entrepreneur or a corporation, we can assist you in adapting Bitcoin to your needs.
Let us apply our extensive knowledge of the industry and its actors to help you reach your goals.
High Liquidity and Insured Custody
We have strong relationships with the actors in the Canadian Bitcoin ecosystem. Let us guide you in your needs for high liquidity and custody.

Learn about our exclusive partnership with Bull Bitcoin, Canada’s leading non-custodial exchange.
Application Development
Want to develop your own project using Bitcoin or use it as a payment rail? We can help you build the architecture required for you to efficiently integrate Bitcoin and maintain the security of your funds as well as your privacy. We have the people, resources and knowledge about the Bitcoin protocol to accelerate the development and deployment of your ideas!
Plug & Play Solution
We are also ACTIVELY developing a plug & play solution to simplify and optimize your Bitcoin ownership.

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