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Immediate Delivery
Immediate Delivery
We never hold your BTC, so you're always in control of your coins.
Personalized Service
Personalized Service
We'll walk you through your purchase over the phone. Perfect for first timers!
Transparent Fees
Transparent Fees
The price you see, is the price you pay. No additional deposits or withdrawal fees.
1-on-1 Service
We're always reachable through the phone or chat messaging to serve you.
One on One Service

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Sign up & Verify
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Deposit Funds
Buy Bitcoin
Buy Bitcoin

The Fortress

The ultimate solution for your personnal Bitcoin security.

For users seeking the Ultimate Security Package, we have the tools for you. Our Fortress solution is equipped to cover most threat vectors present that would lead to loss or theft of your Bitcoins. The Fortress has already been used to help users seeking total sovereignty over their funds worth nearly 300 Bitcoins.
We recommend taking this kind of setup into serious consideration when you have at least 3 Bitcoins.
> What is the Fortress?

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